Did you know that healing is voltage because, we are electromagnetic beings and  bioelectricity is vital to life? Every living function consciousness or unconsciousness, physical or mental is powered by low levels of electrical current.  Have pain, feel sick, tired, stressed and anxious, or is your battery low? Welcome to the journey.

Our mission is helping individuals with “any condition” heal naturally without drugs. We are members of an international neuroscience research group, Academy of Comprehensive Integrated Medicine, and licensed board-certified and neuroscientist acupuncturist. 21st century medical science, clinically proven, evidence based, research supported best meets the individual need of our patients.

When you rehabilitate your mitochondria's  bio-electricity production and restore field integrity to the central nervous system then, you can neuro-modulate mental health, autonomic regulation, neuroimmunology, neuroendocrinology, addiction, ophthalmology, cardiology, sleep, stroke, tissue, inflammation and pain conditions.

  • Explore alternative possibilities:  Maybe your doctors never took the time to really listen to you. We will. 


  • Restore your health:  Tired of taking medication and not getting the results you want? 

  • Optimize brain and body:  Do you want to be smarter, skinnier and have more energy?  

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