Welcome to our OLLI Presentations

Week One

Introduction, Expectations & Big Chunks

Topics include: biohacking, mitochondria, body electric, barrier system, mind, body, spirit medicine

Week Two

Brain Health
Topics include: causes & solutions of neurodegenerative diseases, gut brain connection, BDNF, neurotransmitters, ANS, sleep 

Week Three

Heart Brain

Topics include: heart rate variability, neuroplasticity, epigenetics, role of the caregiver

Week Four

Getting the Good Stuff In: Trophic Factors
Topics include: nutrition, CBD’s, amino acids, nootropics, ketones 

Week Five

Getting the Bad Stuff Out: Detoxification

Topics include: environmental toxins, glymphatics, body purification 

Week Six

EMF Safety & Grounding
Topics include: biological effects of radiation, 5G,  wi-fi, smart meters, earthing, special presenter David Taylor of Eagle Research LLC


Week Seven

Bringing it All Forward

Connecting the dots, attendees open mic Q & A and experiences. 

Week Eight

Community Resources 

Meet our integrated health resource team, Q & A. Panel included Chris Buonocore (Healthy building specialist, LifeSource Environmental Solutions); Betsy Exton (colon hydrotherapist, Pure on Main); Margaret Schneider (physical, therapist, Studio 17)