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Early Stage Alzheimer's Disease

Male (70) diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's Disease Patient had been a highly stressed small business owner with poor sleep habits and chronic herpes.  Symptoms included confusion, memory loss, speech and writing problems, beginning social withdrawal and personality changes. 

Evaluation: NIR body and brain analysis indicated inflammation affecting at prefrontal cortex and hippocampus with possible toxoplasmosis as primary causal factor. 

Treatment: High dose liposomal vitamin C/curcumin to detoxify pathogens. Neuro acupuncture, EWOT, photo-bio-modulation, and PEMF used to increase blood flow, stem cell and mitochondria; restore brain function and regulate sleep. 

Result: After three months patient said “it was like a light turning on in my brain.” Both he, his wife and his friends noticed he was more like himself, confusion and brain fog cleared and was able to begin making new 

Parkinson's Disease

Male (65), veteran, retired landscaper functioning Parkinson patient with PTSD history. Symptoms included rheumatoid arthritis, loss of smell, chronic constipation, difficulty falling staying asleep, light shuffling, stiffness, tremor of finger when at rest and  urinary urgency.

Evaluation: NEST brain and body analysis indicated inflammation affecting liver, medulla, substantia nigra, and hippocampus with pesticide as possible primary causal factor.

Treatment: Daily home care laser detoxification, far infrared saunas, and Neuro Acupuncture were used to restore brain function. EWOT to increase brain oxygen .

Result: After six months, patient reported that he had regained about 80% improvement and remaining symptoms barely noticeable.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Female (47), single mother, MRI confirmed MS diagnosis. Overweight, sedentary lifestyle, high stress, anxiety, chronic insufficient sleep and poor diet. Symptoms included inability to walk, vision loss, brain fog, right foot spasticity and fatigue.

Evaluation: NIR brain and body analysis indicated inflammation at myelin sheath and large intestine with possible viral stressors Epstein Bar, MRI, Grip causal factors. 

Treatment: Neuro Acupuncture, high dose vitamin C/Curcumin to eradicate viral stressors. Photo-bio-modulation, low carbohydrate high fat diet and fermented foods helped restore mitochondria, microbiome and neurotransmitters. Sleep hygiene and biofeedback reduced stress and anxiety.  CBD oil for neuro regulation.

Result: After eight months, patient lost 75 pounds, regularly walks 8 miles, sleeps 8 hours pain free, and remains happily self employed


Female (67), retired nurse with gradual loss of ability to think and remember, beginning to affect daily functioning. History excessive medication, insomnia, poor diet, chronic pain and constipation. Symptoms include multiple medications, confusion, brain fog, inability to form new memories, loss of loss motivation and fatigue Both husband and wife’s fear of Alzheimer and fixed income was creating high anxiety and stress. 

Evaluation: NIR body and brain analysis indicated inflammation at hippocampus, connective tissue and large intestines with possible and food sensitivities causal factors. Blood test indicated elevated insulin, cortisol levels with low thyroid hormones. 

Treatment: Neuro Acupuncture, hormone therapy, grain elimination, fermented foods to reduce inflammation and restore leaky gut. Laser and metabolic detoxification to reduce medications side effects. Hormonal therapy and fermented foods normalized cortisol and insulin levels. PEMF and photobiomodulation normalized thyroid hormones.  

Result: After nine months patient, had estimated 85% improvement in all listed areas. She considered her experience as a wakeup call, a blessing empowering her and husband to take charge of their aging.

Medical Mystery Illness

Female (58), executive, medical mystery; progressively failing health; 10-year history of disappointing conventional and alternative medical treatments. Fatigue, weakness, tingling, numbness, joint pain, migraines and vision abnormalities. Cognitive impairment creating hopelessness fear of forced medical early retirement. Multiple blood and neurological test indicated cause unknown. 

Evaluation: NIR brain and body analysis indicated inflammation affecting joints, meninges, myelin sheath, thalamus with possible borrelia bacteria, Lyme cofactors and co-infections.  Intestinal tight junction breakdown  corrected with glyphosate detox, elimination of grain and alcohol, and molecular oxygen. 

Treatment: PEMF, photobiomodulation, structured water, medicinals, neuro acupuncture and detoxification were used restore brain function, regulate central nervous system and regulate molecular targets of disease. 

Result: After 3 months of in-clinic treatments, she was able to reduce her symptoms enough to remove the threat of unemployment. After 13 months of home care and with periodic clinic visits, she was symptom free. She continues to engage in prophylactic preventative care.