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Root Cause Identification: Getting Direction

An experienced, compassionate practitioner, Teresa Baltzell is our resident Bioelectric Testing expert. With our proprietary testing platform, she measures your body's bio-electrical response to toxins (like glyphosate) and pathogens (bad bacteria/viruses) to determine your body's inflammation level. Using a real time visual display Teresa will show you how your immune system responds to specific toxins, pathogens and allergens.

You then receive an assessment detailing exactly which of your body's systems are stressed and what is most likely causing your symptoms. Your Biological Assessment is a comprehensive analysis of your body's biological terrain and state of health. Combining your assessment, lifestyle enhancements and needs into a customized Wellness Road Map ensures that you will arrive at your desired outcome.


Root causes identified, long standing questions answered, expensive lab fees avoided, toxic medications and side effects reduced.


Patients recover faster with permanent or long lasting results for less money and no harmful side effects.

Bioenergetic testing shows where your body's road blocks are and what's causing them.

Bioenergetic testing shows where your body's road blocks are and what's causing them.

How BioElectric Testing Works

Over the course of 40 years, we've pioneered our own, evolved version of Zyto and Vega testing. This hybrid Zyto platform with Vega operating system is superior to either individual technology. It rapidly identifying possible toxins, pathogens, inflammation and solutions. This video is for those unfamiliar with Zyto platform. It's a representation of our work, but not a perfect example.