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Perhaps your metabolism is slowing down and you've put on a few pounds. Maybe you've noticed you can't remember names as well. Your joints ache in the morning. And your energy level limits your fun. These subtle hints point to chronic inflammation, the root of all disease. Left unchecked, inflammation turns into autoimmunity, pain and anxiety. Now is the time to explore your symptoms' root cause.

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  • Call for a FREE consultation. We can discuss your present health issues and how we can help: 864-438-1566. 

  • Explore your health with Bioelectric Testing. Determine cellular energy, inflammation levels and causes. Receive a comprehensive analysis of your body's biological terrain and  current state of health, your Biological Assessment. 

  • Explore your lifestyle. We'll consider sleep, nutrition, stress levels, exercise, where you are now and where you want to be. 

  • Restore your health. Follow your personalized Wellness Road Map. Schedule Foundational Therapeutics to clear inflammation, rebalance your body and feel good again.

  • Retest with Bioelectric Testing. Get a snapshot of your progress. Discover how your remedies, treatment and lifestyle changes increased your energy and reduced your  inflammation. Tweak your approach based on rescan as necessary.

  • Optimize health and happiness with HomeCare. Regain your energy. Think more clearly. Attain ideal weight. Learn a lot about yourself, mentally, physically, and emotionally.