How we approach brain & body health

Getting Started: Our Process

Diagnostics, testing, mystery illness

Maybe you've noticed you can't remember names as well. You're not able to balance the checkbook. Or you have trouble climbing the stairs that you used to take by twos. These subtle hints point to neurodegeneration and chronic inflammation. Your body's electrical system is suffering distress. It's time for a tune up to optimize your cellular energy and prevent symptoms from becoming debilitating disease. How can Health and Wellbeing Greenville (HWG) improve your brain and body wellness? By identifying the cause of neurodegeneration in Greenville.

  1. Call for a FREE consultation to discuss your present health issues and how we can help: 864-438-1566. 
  2. Test. Don't Guess: Neuro Immune Response (NIR) testing determines inflammation levels and their causes  in body and brain.  How does this work? By measuring electromagnetic fluctuations in your body nervous system and immune responses to various stressors, we can decide what is preventing your body from optimal functioning. Your body's electrical feedback is processed through a hand cradle connected to our laptop/proprietary software. Stressors=chemicals, heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi, food allergies or catastrophic emotional events. It is possible to pinpoint these thing that can interfere with the proper balance (also called homeostasis). 
  3. Let's explore your lifestyle (sleep, nutrition, stress levels, exercise) for clues about how to kickstart your healing journey. We'll discuss where you are now and where you want to be.
  4. Utilize remedies provided and schedule recommended treatments; these are based on your specific testing results and a comprehensive wellness plan.
  5. Follow your treatment plan and lifestyle tweaks to clear inflammation and rebalance your body.
  6. Retest with NIR to see how your remedies, treatments, and lifestyle changes reduced your inflammation. Tweak approach based on retest results if necessary.
  7. Look and feel amazing. Regain your energy. Think more clearly. Learn a lot about yourself, mentally and physically.