Small acupuncture needles and low electrical current

Symptom and Root Cause Relief

Neuroscience, neurophysiology and neuroanatomy combine with electro acupuncture as a cutting edge evidence based system that targets molecular pathways of disease, rehabilitates CNS, reduces inflammation, repairs soft tissue, and stimulates stem cell production.  Neuropuncture is our primary therapy becauses it quickly resolves causes and symptoms of "most conditions internal to external, head to toe", restores health and optimizes brain and body.

Hope for Stroke & MS Patients

Stroke and Multiple Sclerosis patients have seen remarkable benefits. Country music star Randy Travis received neuropuncture after a debilitating stroke. He is now able to walk without a stick and has less pain, thanks to this treatment.

Get to your root cause. Feel better now.

If  you suffer from pain, anxiety, TBI, PTSD, stress, hormonal imbalances, poor sleep, high blood sugar or blood pressure, we can apply neuropuncture to reverse these conditions.

Neuropuncture vs Acupuncture

Learn from the creator of neuropuncture how this treatment rehabilitates the nervous system.