Optimize with HomeCare

Hacks to Maintain Health and Peak Performance

Are you standing in your truth and demonstrating to yourself everything that you believe to be true? Do you want to be smarter, skinnier and have more energy? Do you want to be healthy, be happier and live longer? After you release pain, relieve anxiety, improve sleep and energy, it's time to optimize. How? With HomeCare.

HomeCare is you taking care of you.  It's the daily habits of your day to day experience that sustain your health and wellbeing

We provide the following for you to practice and access at home:

  • Educational resources
  • Mitochondrial boosting ideas (red light therapy at home)
  • Boutique medicinals & nutraceuticals 
  • Detoxification 
  • Stress management techniques (HeartMath is our favorite.)
  • Self forgiveness guidance


You are empowered to optimize your brain and body, increase peak performance, heal yourself and find happiness. 


You will experience sustained health and wellbeing