Patient Testimonials

Multiple therapies reduced my thyroid antibodies and TSH.

Autoimmune autoimmunity leaky gut

I’ve been a patient of Health & Wellbeing Greenville for over 20 years. They’ve helped heal a pre-cancerous spleen and end high blood pressure. Now we're addressing Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. My TSH dropped to 3 from 7.8. They pinpointed Epstein-Barr and Candida as root causes. Thank God for homeopathics, the Beam Ray and red light therapy! Charles and Teresa are helping me work on self-forgiveness as my root cause of autoimmunity.

Female, 48

Neuro Acupuncture reduced my anxiety and restored peace.

anxiety depression prozac lexapro

My testimonial starts with great gratitude for Health & Wellbeing Greenville. Before I met them, my life was full of confusion. My body was overwhelmed with stress, anxiety and negative thoughts, energies that were simply killing me. They used my internal pharmacy to release the neurotransmitters that changed all of my negative bad energy into positive and good energy. My life is forever changed for the better. If you are ever blessed to receive treatment from them I know your life will never be the same. Happiness awaits.

Male, 39

Reduced pain improved my life.


The staff [at HWG] has a deep passion for their work that translates into an ever deeper caring for their patients. They have a unique ability to listen to more than you are saying and pinpoint the issue...After second treatment I could bend, sit and walk so much better. This has been so much more than a pain treatment. This has been 

an incredible life treatment both physical and mental.

Female, 56

Reduced inflammation is correcting my IBS & allergies.


For 25 years I have lived with headaches, IBS and allergies to pollen, food, and chemicals. I have been to many doctors from Florida to New York and was only getting worse...With the diet and treatment Health & Wellbeing Greenville developed for me, my health has improved beyond my expectations. I have my life back! I thank God every day for 

these very caring people.

Female, 66

Reduced chronic pain makes this veteran happy again.


I am a wounded veteran with problems to my back, hips and knees. I have had chronic pain for close to thirty years. They were able to eliminate 75 – 80% of the pain in three treatments. I call them miracle workers.

Male, 68

Improved energy regardless of Lyme Disease.


I came into the clinic almost 2 years ago exhausted and lethargic. I was not able to work and I rested for 75% of the day...After just two treatments I noticed a huge difference. I did not have the fatigue that I once had. I also noticed my depression subsiding. I would say I have improved 100% I am now working a full-time job and working out at the gym almost every day!

Female, 36