Be Happy & Healthy

Did you know that health and happiness is your natural state? Your body, mind and spirit are constantly engaged in activities that balance, self-repair and maintain optimal functioning. It is the interaction between biological and psychological factors together with lifestyle choices that determine your wellbeing. We’ve assembled these resources to help you make informed choices for better health.

How the Body Works


Movie trailer; the power of the mind to heal the body

Inner Life of The Cell 

Short Harvard film; wonderous journey through the microscopic world of a cell 


The Mitochondria at Work

Harvard animation of how mitochondria create cellular energy

Body Electric 

Short interview on the principles of bioelectricity in making new cells  

Home Care Info


Why good sleep matters; great article from Green Med Info

Blue Blocker Glasses to eliminate blue light exposure and increase melatonin

Somnion Sleep Patches Each patch is charged electromagnetically and when applied, subtle energy in the form of photons is released which filters down to positively affect the physical body, thus increasing deep and REM sleep.


Coffee Enemas: a simple, effective at home detox; see directions below downloadable  

Colonics at Pure on Main: Betsy Exton started this local wellness center to educate Greenville on how to be healthy; colon hydrotherapy, ozone therapy, nutritional counseling and massages.

CLEAN Cleanse program: a 21-day elimination diet to reset nutritional habits and remove toxins; great beginner cleanse

Bieler's Broth: Bieler’s broth was invented by a doctor named Henry Bieler as a medicinal soup to help promote healing and detoxification in the body. Dr. Bieler claimed that this soup would help restore the correct acid/alkaline balance in the body. He speculated that it also helped balance the sodium/potassium levels in the body. Easy recipe. Use as a reset cleanse or supplement to a clean diet.



Photobiomodulation (Red Light Therapy)

This interview with Dr. Michael Hamblin from Dr. Joseph Mercola explains the benefits of this therapy and how it can be properly used to reduce inflammation and restore health.

Red Light Man products for red light therapy at home just like we use in our office

Laser Detoxification Pen with rechargeable laser pen and remedy vials; call us to order at 864-438-1566.

Infrared Sauna: visit our friends at Circulation Nation to try out sauna therapy for detox and pain relief; recommended saunas may be purchased for home use at Celebration Saunas


Sugar the Bitter Truth

Short film; pervasiveness and toxicity of sugar.  

Keto Diet video with Maria Emmerich, 30-Day Keto Cleanse


Five Tibetan Rites 

2,500 year old system of exercise; enhance flexibility

Yoga at home with Leslie Fightmaster: Teresa practices with Leslie daily. You can, too. Develop better balance and flexibility.

Studio 17 yoga & pilates: Owner and yoga instructor Lisa Pridemore is a personal friend and great instructor.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

What is it and how it can help.


Emotional Freedom Technique 

(EFT) short films; story of EFT & how to introduction 

Heart Math 

Short film; reduce stress and enhance your life through Heart Rate Variability exercises  


12 Hormone-Altering Chemicals and How to Avoid Them,

Environmental Working Group downloadable document

Dr. Mercola interview with Dr. Klinghardt on EMF dangers and prevention



See presentation to download at the bottom of this page

Brain Health

Grain Brain by Dr. David Perlmutter

Change your Brain, Change your Body by Dr. Daniel Amen

The Brain's Way of Healing by Dr. Norman Doidge

Awakening from Alzheimer's by Peggy Sarlin

The End of Alzheimer's by Dr. Dale Breseden

Candida Overgrowth: a quick quiz to determine if your symptoms are consistent with fungal overgrowth

Lyme Disease: See presentation to download at the bottom of this page.

SUPPLEMENTS for Longevity

pH Balancer Alkalizing Red Formula by Mother Earth Labs

High Dose Vitamin C

Short film; survivor of swine flu.

Understanding Laser Detox

A slideshow with practical applications and results

Laser Energetic Detox (LED), invented by Dr. Lee Cowden, works by means of quantum mechanics to detoxify the body at the cellular level. This slideshow details how it works and gives several case studies with remarkable results. We carry the laser pens and program remedies customized to your detoxification needs.


Pain relief and better balance are a step away.

We love ph alkalizer by mother earth labs!

Why Should I breathe Hydrogen?

Hydrogen is the up and coming nutraceutical that will have you saying "Where have you been all my life?" Listen to Tywan Hubbard explain why this treatment is serious medicine. Then make an appointment to try it. 

reduce Inflammation with Hydrogen

Molecular hydrogen remediates oxidative stress, which is one of the most fundamental mechanisms that destroys human health. That's why molecular hydrogen is so exciting — because it has such unique antioxidant effects that specifically target only the most harmful free radicals. Hydrogen targets and mitigates the root cause of many diseases, inflammation and oxidation.

cellular energy: The Mighty Mitochondria

Together Harvard University and XVIVO developed this 3D animation journey for Harvard's undergraduate Molecular and Cellular Biology students about the microscopic world of mitochondria. The animation highlights the creation of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) -- mobile molecules which store chemical energy derived from the breakdown of carbon-based food. ATP molecules act as a kind of currency, imparting chemical energy to power all the functional components of cellular activity. 

The Gut-Brain Axis

Your nutrition affects your microbiome, the bacteria that populate your intestines. Good bacteria keep your immune system strong and inflammation low. Bad bacteria cause inflammation and anxiety. Watch how this process works. Give us a call at 864-438-1566 if you need more information about how this effects your brain health.

Downloads from Our Clinical Experience

Download anything you think may be helpful. Feel free to call with questions that relate to your individual biology.

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