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Restore your health. Regain your energy.

What can I do to restore my health? After your Bioelectric Testing reveals the root cause then  customized lifestyle modifications and therapies can move you toward optimal health.  Following your Wellness Road Map restores your body's healing power by quelling inflammation first. We've long witnessed that if you take out the bad stuff and put in the good stuff, health follows.

Our Foundational Therapeutics gently remove toxins and pathogens, reduce inflammation. regulate the nervous system, stimulate the production of your body's own stem cells and neurotransmitters. 


Restored energy production, increase in vitality, reduction of pain, relief from anxiety and deeper longer sleep. Inflammation reduction, soft tissue repair, regulation autonomic nervous system, rehabilitation central nervous system, 


Greater experience of peace in mind and body. Elimination or reduction of medication and harmful side effects.


foundational Therapeutics (FT)

Increasing Cellular Energy

Your mitochondria activate water, hydrogen, oxygen, sunlight and electricity to generate your body's vital life force. Foundational Therapeutics is our collection of safe, effective and painless therapies to restore your health by rehabilitating    molecular metabolism at the cellular level. It gives the mitochondria a boost and rejuvenates your vital life. 

When water, hydrogen, oxygen, light and electricity are therapeutically applied. then, your healing begins at a cellular level. These therapies are the least invasive and most effective methodology to release pain, relieve anxiety, have more energy and feel your best. The results are long lasting or permanent.





Laser Detoxification

How does Laser Detoxification work? As a coherent laser light passes thru structured homeopathic water, the homeopathic signal is transmitted into your body, bath or drinking water. This simple HomeCare system is non invasive safe, effective and painless. 

It is more effective, economical and versatile than classical homeopathy for increasing sleep, releasing pain, rapid relief from allergy, anxiety, stress, headaches and hot flashes. It stimulates metabolism, lymphatic drainage, DNA repair, cellular detoxification and reduces neural inflammation.


Breathing hydrogen, molecular hydrogen, h2

Inflammation Fighter

Hydrogen is the first created and most abundant element in the universe. It neutralizes free radicals, eradicates oxidative stress and successfully treats over 170 conditions. Patients heal from difficult chronic conditions, decrease anxiety, reduce neuro and systemic inflammation, and balance metabolism. It is both a preventative and therapeutic medical gas and has a biological effect on many diseases. 

Administered in clinic as inhaled gas. HomeCare may include rectal and vaginal inflation. Patients with brain, respiratory, gastro-intestinal, and anxiety conditions notice immediate improvements. As a result patients notice measurable increases in cognitive function, reduction of neuro inflammation and functional restoration of brain, colon, uterus and lung.


Power up body & brain

Having enough oxygen in your brain, body and is essential. When you increase oxygen levels then, you produce more energy. With more energy you can prevent and reverse cognitive decline, age related conditions and optimize your brain and body.

Research shows Exercising with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT) and medical ozone is more effective than a hyperbaric chamber for increasing cerebral blood flow, neurogenesis and neuroplasticity. Patients report an ability to think more clearly, improved memory, increased feeling of peace and improved sleep. As a result some lose weight, have more energy and feel smarter. Others eliminate or reduce medication and find hope and excitement when their brain wakes up..



Red light therapy

Photobiomodulation (Light Therapy)

All life comes from light. Red, near infrared and radio wave photons increase circulation, reduce inflammation, stimulate mitochondria and stem cell production. “Light Therapy” is a medical technique which uses a low-level laser, LED and plasma lights to stimulate energy, eradicate pathogens, regenerate tissue and restore function. 

Patients benefit from this non-touch, non-invasive, highly effective and economical therapy that enhances cellular biology  As a result patients can rapidly release pain, heal joints, connective tissue conditions and recovery from trauma more quickly.


Reduce Pain & Boost Healing

Electrophysical devices restore cellular voltage, target molecular pathways of disease, stimulate the release of specific neurotransmitters and regulate the nervous system. 

“Neuro Acupuncture” is a state of the art, clinically proven and evidence-based electro acupuncture system combining neuroscience, neuroanatomy and neurophysiology. Because it regulates, modulates and restores the central and autonomic system it optimizes both brain and body. As a result patients’ heal chronic conditions and release pain without medication,  restore tissue function and attain more peace which leads to deeper sleep. 

“PEMF” (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field)

Originally designed by NASA for astronauts;  for depression, fatigue, bone loss and other symptoms. PEMF is safe, effective and painless, can instantly reduce pain and accelerate bone and soft tissue healing. It's also helpful in restoring cognitive function, stimulated mitogenesis and increase energy production. As a result, PEMF accelerates rehabilitation, individuals experience more energy and improve quality of life.


We make house calls.

Remote Clinic: Say Ahhhhh


Follow up from home

After your initial consult in our office, we can monitor your progress remotely if that works best for you. Utilizing bioelectronic technology via Internet, we can see how your treatment is progressing and make recommendations.

How can a simple insole improve balance and relieve pain?