Restore With Foundational TherapEutics (FT)

Restore your health. Regain your energy.


Restore your health: Tired of taking medication and not getting the results you want? If you take out the bad stuff and put in the good stuff then, health follows. Pain modification,  internal organ regulation,  endocrine homeostasis, emotional and  cognitive stability is possible, is it not? Imagine how it will feel when you naturally heal body, mind and spirit.

How are you going to restore your health? Our Foundational Therapeutics gently detoxify both pathogens and toxins, reduces inflammation. regulates the nervous system, stimulates the production of your body's own stem cells and neurotransmitters. You benefit with increased energy and vitality, soft tissue repair, reduction of pain, relief from anxiety and longer deeper sleep. This results in a greater experience of peace in mind and body.


The Why Behind FT

Increasing Cellular Energy

Your mitochondria activate water, hydrogen, oxygen, sunlight and electricity to generate your body's vital life force. Foundational Therapeutics is our collection of safe, effective and painless therapies to restore your health by rehabilitating    molecular metabolism at the cellular level. It gives the mitochondria a boost and rejuvenates your vital life. 

When water, hydrogen, oxygen, light and electricity are therapeutically applied. then, your healing begins at a cellular level. These therapies are the least invasive and most effective methodology to release pain, relieve anxiety, have more energy and feel your best. The results are long lasting or permanent.


Mitochondria power each of your cells. Your mitochondria get weaker as you age. Restore them!

Mitochondria power each of your cells. Your mitochondria get weaker as you age. Restore them!

Remote Clinic: Say Ahhhhh


Follow up from home

After your initial consult and bioelelectrical testing in our office, we can monitor your progress remotely if that works best for you. Utilizing bioelectrical technology via Internet, we can see how your treatment is progressing and make recommendations.