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PTSD? Anxiety? Pain?

Owner, Charles Baltzell is a Vietnam era vet. He understands what it means to survive combat and live a whole, fulfilling life. If you're suffering from PTSD, anxiety, chronic pain or any other service-related problem, we can help. No talk therapy or medication is required for amazing results. Neuro Acupuncture will change your life.

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If you're registered with the VA, our services are covered for you. Give us a call to see how we can help you with chronic pain in Greenville. With humility and gratitude, we are here to serve you.

What our veteran patients are saying

After one treatment I slept through the night. After two PTSD treatments I slept in the same bed with my wife. She came to my third session with me. With tears of gratitude she told our story. I am a retired vet that had boots on the ground in Vietnam and Korea. Since Vietnam, we have had to sleep separately because of nightmares and thrashing. My wife thanks you. I thank you.

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