Who we are

Charles and Teresa Baltzell LAc, NCCOAM. We are board certified, founding members of an international neuro lab and members of the Academy of Comprehensive Integrated Medicine. Our patients have access to the latest international cutting edge therapies, for a more integrated brain body approach. For 45 combined years we have been consummate researchers and clinicians. We are always looking for the evidence based edge of discovery, always looking for the best, least invasive and most cost effective solutions for our patients.

Charles...After living in Asia for 10 years, I returned home with a  critical medical mystery. Like all challenges in our lives this life changing moment was a blessing. In 1984, alternative medicine was demonized and prosecuted. My healing journey led me into the LA medical underground, the birthplace of what is now known as "Functional Integrated Medicine." I became a member of Occidental Institute, the first school to teach Chinese medicine and introduced German Biological Medicine to America. This became my practice. It has empowered  me to reverse two life threatening conditions, remain pain and medication free. 

As I began my 70th year, I notice lapses of names and declining ability to spell. My personal need to optimize, prevent and reverse leads me to explore cutting edge resources our patients value.

Teresa... My professional life started in the realm of Criminal Justice, a humanitarian, with high ideals of how to shape our world. When my family members started to experience health challenges my attention shifted to brain body. 

My father went from being a healthy stoic man to declining rapidly within a year. The doctors told me I should be happy he had lived a full and healthy life. And that watching him suffer over the last year of his life was acceptable. 

A year later my husband was diagnosed with brain cancer; and again I witnessed the limitations of modern medicine. I made a good cause that changed my life. Over the years my practice of Chinese Medicine has given me the opportunity to travel the globe and be fulfilled by the resilience of the human body. I've had the privilege to witness the miraculous recovery of many patients.

We are now certain it’s the things we do on a daily basis that make our health throughout our life. You can change the expression of your DNA. Moment to moment, your lifestyle choices (making good causes) directly influence your gene expression. You literally turn on genes that favor health while suppressing those that code for risk for disease, just by the choices you make. What we do, think and even imagine creates our biology”. This is epigenetic medicine.

Teresa and Charles Baltzell,  fishing village Israel

Teresa and Charles Baltzell, fishing village Israel

Valerie Stepp patient care coordinator extraordinaire. In addition to her boundless energy, Valerie  is also a source of endless health information. She began her career in alternative medicine with Dr. Jack Garvy in 1994 at SonRidge in Black Mountain, NC. She stayed with Peter Kapetanakos, Garvy's partner, when he  moved  the practice to Arden, NC and eventually Greenville, SC.

Our voice and the clinic's cornerstone, Valerie helps patients determine if their anti-aging or brain health needs mesh well with our clinical approach. We are incredibly grateful for her knowledge, compassion and professionalism.